Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The age rule

in a discussion about what's an acceptable age gap between a man and a woman, one of my male friends said there was a rule:

half the man's age + 7 years and over is acceptable

funnily enough, we tested his theory on couples we know and it made total sense !

for ex harrison ford and calista flockheart (in the picture) seem fine to me, but some other celebrity couples take it to an extreme...


Broke Saudi said...

Age gaps can make for some fun times, but they also guarantee a lot of akward moments.

Kinano said...

You should probably ask Hugh Hefner about that :P

fonzy said...

that means i shud marry a 21 year old.... i dont think so!!!!

Anonymous said...

Most marriages that have an age gap are very successful .

Joud said...

broke saudi: so true

kinano: that guy's an old perv

fonzy: no it doesn't, it means 21 is the absolute youngest u could date

greyshorts: hmm i know ones that are good and ones that are pretty messed up, so i guess age is not the reason

rashisha said...

Age doesnt really matter but u know...sometimes that big gap really does help in making the relationship work

surra sally turns jabriya kenny said...

Age hath not matter. Thumb rule is never get married to a guy with sons your age. Other than that your back is covered.
Practically, I believe a 5 -7 year gap between husband and wife is ideal and if the wife is the senior partner then I think it should not be more than a 2 year gap.

Joud said...

rashisha: i've heard this one before, so i guess there must be some truth to it...

surra: hehe yeah that would be awkward wouldnt it

me talk dirty one day said...

I don't know why but each time I see a coupling with a signficant age gap I get turned on. Don't know why but I simply do!

Enigma said...

so that means the max acceptable is 36. which is still a lot since he's hitting 40 in a few years!

Joud said...

me talk dirty one day: even woody allen and his wife ??

enigma: for a worhty u can add +- 4 years :)

Anonymous said...

For as long as I can care to remember I have been fascinated getting married to a much older man than I am. And guess, what - surprise surprise I am married to one who happens to be just 23 years my senior. Being married to an older man lends a degree of emotional maturity in the relationship which I know would've been difficult to realize with a chap my own age. While sex with my avuncular husband couldn't be any better :) raising our biological children is proving to be a rather awkward social phenomenon in its own right if you know what I mean. "Is he your pa ?" is a refrain I get alot of, so much so that I am seriously considering eloping with his eldest stud, err... I mean son from a previous marriage.

me talk dirty one day said...

Hmmnn..... Woody Allen with any man or woman no matter what the age gap is, cannot arouse me period. His intellectual genius aside, physically, Woody gives me the creeps

Joud said...

anonymous: interesting; but don't u get used to / immune to the "is he your pa" question after a while ? if everything else is great, who cares what ppl say

me talk dirty: u and me both !

Anonymous said...

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