Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Shut up and drive

i feel like some songs are made to be blasted in the car, they simply make the drive more

  • hella good
  • i drove all night
  • pump it
  • shut up and drive
  • bad habit

one of my friends once drove into a tram while he was blasting the song Bad Day by Daniel
Powter, and now it always reminds me of him... the irony ;)

this post is dedicated to him......


chika said...

bonjoooooooooooour :)

Joud said...

chikaaaa ! bonjourein ;)

Zed said...

i would vote for dr dre's chromic 2001, the whole album is made for ridin'

Ms Loala said...

I agree with "pump it" and "hella good" ..
But nothing beats all time rock ;)

Joud said...

zed: i dont know what u're talking about

ms loala:yeah that too !

Chirp said...

Love Pump it, I don't know the other songs ... I LOVE
"Summer of 69" Bryan Adams
"Born to Run" Bruce Springsteen
"Don't Stop Believing" Journy
"California Love" Tupac
"Get Low" Lil John and the Eastside Boyz

okay i think those are enough! :P

Joud said...

chirp - old school ! good stuff..

N. said...

I love using the radio or music as an excuse to shut chatterboxes up in the car