Sunday, January 6, 2008

snap back to reality

there is no downer like the downer i get after coming back from vacation, specially a long vacation like the one i just took, i'm so depressed, please help

my itinerary:

December 25th - Dubai

Dubai is Dubai, i can't get enough of it, seems like every time i go there's something new to see and do, this time i was just plastered during my whole stay

December 31st - Sharm el Sheik
this is my third time to go to sharm, and i still think its a great place to go and let loose, there's something for everyone, although it was quiet chili at night, it was incredible during the day

WARNING: beware of Egyptians
January 5th - back to Kuwait

and now i'm sitting behind my desk contemplating suicide, why does this happen to us every time after a vacation, can't Kuwait be the place we want to go to, i know it will take me 3 days to recuperate, until then ...... bear with my depression


Frozen Erection said...

Take a gap year from work and take the road less well travelled, off the beaten track. Only then will you be able to snap back to reality.
Sorry to bring this totally off the shelf but you ought to try travelling alone to foreign lands staying in with the local populace to get an authentic taste for Life in Exotica.

Kinano said...

welcome back Zed...

Merry x-mas and Happy New year :D

I second that, "why cant kuwait be the place you go to to rest"?

fonzy said...

hehe i hear ya buddy.. nothing worse than coming back from a fun vacation to a waking up early back to work life....anyway, glad u had fun and welcome back. Happy new year. You've been missed.

Zed said...

frozen erection: i am considering that, but where does one get money from, i'm not born into wealth

kinano: thanks how was yours

fonzy: what did you do for new years?

N. said...

welcome back, yes it sucks.. sucks a lot!

Ri said...

Oh, come now. It's not THAT bad.

It's home, no matter how much it sucks.

Hope you've stocked up on Alka Seltzer *chuckle*

Happy New Year.