Sunday, February 3, 2008

i dare you - for money

inspired by Mirim's post i dare you, i though that i would post about the PRICE !!

everyone has a price to do whatever, yes everyone, whether its for stupid silly dares or even murder, theres always an amount of money where someone will take for a certain task

its sad but true, and this is the life we live in these days, everyone has a PRICE

i'm going to ask a couple of questions, and offer a decent amount of money, and i want to see your opinions and answer on these question, and your PRICE

1. would you cheat on your girlfriend/boyfriend for $ 15,000 ? if not, how much would it take ?

2. would you give away your husband/wife to a person for one day for 1 million $? (indecent proposal)

3. would you order the death of random 500 people for $ 5,000,000 ?

4. drink urine from a glass for $ 25,000 ?

5. shave your head for $ 200 (men)? $ 5,000 (women) ?

i think i'm being very generous with the cash i am offering, but if i'm not doing good enough for some people, what would you ask for ? how much?

check out what this guy does for $ 1000


chika said...

I'd shave my head right now for that amount lol

Kuwaiti Woman said...

Great post! I would do #5 because it wouldn't harm anyone. I would refuse all of the rest because of how they would affect others.

Joud said...

no to all the above except the first one, depending on whether the relationship is a serious one or a dead-end

to compensate for hurt feelings, i'll give the guy 15% of the proceeds ;)

Zed said...

chika: answer the rest, that was the easy question :)

kuwaiti woman: thanks, i'm sure is i pull out a bag of cash, you'd do at least 3 out of the 5

joud: you wouldnt shave your head for $ 5,000, what is i pay you $ 25,000?

Joud said...

maybe 25000 kd, then i'll have some fun with wigs for a couple months

Hasan.B said...

1_ No, 1M KD



4_ Ham No!

5_ If in need of money, then maybe!

P.S Ala lay7ojna 7g hal mawagef!

Maya // مايا said...

No to everything.

I'm a sissy. :P

So sue me!

NoNoWa said...

1- No Way! Cheating is not in my blood.

2-I wud never give him away for any amount of money.....

3-And rot in hell for the rest of eternity- no I dont think so!!

4-I wudnt drink my own urine for any price!!!!!

5- Maybe if I was dead broke and living on a street corner I wud shave my head, other wise Nope!

outkasty said...

NEVER! this post is not for me =/

TAT said...

problem with 3 is how much do I have to pay the assassins to kill those 500 people?

Zi-One said...

loool abee3 raylii for ever 3shan el 1 million ;p la j/k i dont think ra7 atshaja3 oo asawi ay wa7ed menhom ;p maybe el oola etha ma knt wayed m3ah 3adi ;p

Hamitaf La Bookay said...

mmmm... am i the only one who would kill spouse/better half...??!!!
Just kidding... If I wanted that much money... I'll work in a strip club in Las Vegas... that looks like a bright future...!!! ;p

dishevelled said...

I wouldn't do any except for shaving my head off, but definitely not for $5000. KD 20,000 is more like it :P
Yes it's a lot of money, but having to walk around with a weird bald head for almost a year is worth that much to me. And yes, my hair has a hard time growing... hence the big sum =)

Zed said...

well i dont believe any of you, i bet you all would do all that for less than what i suggested

once you see the cash, things change, right now we are are only talking hypothetically

think about the amount of money and what you can do for it before you answer

Lala* said...

a BIG FAT NO to all Qs!

Shoush said...
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Shoush said...

I'd do number 2. Except i gotta get a husband first. And then i'll be the one to choose who he'll be spending it with.

I'll get back to u on the offer once i achieve the above.

Zed said...

everyone can be bought, there are my beliefs and i'm sticking to them

Zed said...


um-miT3ib said...


Rashisha said...

I'd shave my head!

December said...

I would do anything even for 1kd, show me the money!

The Criticizer said...

lmao @ the guy!

1. One million. Spend 200 thousands for charity and pray for forgiveness.

2. If she's pain in the back I'd give her away for free. :P

3. 50 million, spend 5 million for charity and pray for forgiveness x2! :P

4. Never. Not even for a billion. But I think people would do it if it involves Camel urine.

5. Easy. I did it before and I'd do it again for less than $200.

Zed said...

critisizer: looolll if you would do 1,2,3 & 5 i'm sure you will do 4 for something lol