Thursday, April 3, 2008

I wish

i wish that...

- working on thursdays was optional

- my summer vacation would plan itself and that my friends werent such flakes

- i could play a musical instrument

- i would spend less time on the internet

- bonuses would be every 6 months

- the next parliament would be a good one

- the weather would stay the way it is now all year

- my work location was against traffic

- i could be a morning person

inevitably, this song comes to mind...


N. said...

haha @ the song! nice, old, good memories.

About those wishes, you know Joud.. you can at least make half of them true.

Z. said...

love the fact that u have such simple wishes most of which are quite easy to acomplish,, should have called it to do list :P

Zed said...

i wish i win the jawhara, al dana, the yabeela and the new york state lotto

all together in one day

This Lady said...

i want zed's wish too!!!