Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MoI Radio Ads

anyone hear the new comercials they have on 99.7 FM, the Ministry of Interior is "ristricting the usage of mobile phones while driving" but apparently you are allowed to use a "hand free device"

the advertisements are the cheapest and cheesiest ads i've ever heard, they probably cost 20 kd to make, but the company that did it probably charged 5000 kd.

if you haven't heard them yet, tune into 99.7 cause they repeat them every 5 minutes, you're bound to catch one, and its a good laugh

what would i need to do to record these ads and have moi accept them? i will do it for half the price and 100% better quality

law is being implemeneted begening of May 2008


forzaq8 said...

Cost ?
you are giving them too much credit

why 20 kd ? its too much

i think they got 2 random people off the street and recorded it on the fly with a tape recorder

Joud said...

it's not funny, it's extremely annoying

Zed said...

dad dad daaadd

oh my goddddddd


Peony said...

the most annoying ad in the history of ads..
and the grammar ! and the accents !! seriously ?

Zed said...

peony: i'm going to start recording them and posting them

"with the compliments of the public relation and moral guidance department of the ministry of interior"

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The Criticizer said...

This is how you legally steal money.

Grey said...

its one of the most WTF ads i have ever heard ....
Stupidity at its best .

This Lady said...



They're just reading from a peice of paper with NO change in tone. NOTHING.. And they're accent?? Oh God, I almost had an accident listening to it..