Wednesday, June 18, 2008

from dust till dawn

i heard yesterday on the news that this will last for 30 days

what have i done to deserve this?
update: todays papers (al qabas) says it's going to last all year


Joud said...

u've done a lot to deserve this

and now we all have to suffer

Anonymous said...

look at the bright side:

chenna mako :S

moocherx said...

you're owning up to some naughty business that caused this dust?

Ri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ri said...

Maybe the forces that be have raised the desert sands to cover up your most shameful of secrets?

Or maybe nature's just fucking with us.

Either way, IT NEEDS TO STOP!^@#*&#^

PS: Sorry about the earlier comment. Grammatical error.

Zed said...

joud: what do you know about what i've done??

dandoon: haha there is no bright anything these days

mocheerx: if i did own up to the naughty business, you wouldn;t just feel a little dust, kuwait would vanish off the map

ri: maybe its gods way of saying, SHAPE UP KUWAIT, SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT