Thursday, June 12, 2008

WARNING - got flashed

Not this kind of flashed

i was driving on the 5th ring road on my way to bida' roundabout and right before the roundabout there is the little tunnel, i wasn't speading but i was using my HAND-HELD mobile device.
the sneaky bastards, i dont know how they did it, but there was a jeep parked on the right side under the bridge, you'd never suspect that is has a freaking camera inside, i am:

1. very pissed off at myself for not realizing
2. very impressed with the way they are starting to think (the fuckers)
3. wondering how the hell did they do it, i was NOT speeding, i was on the phone, is there some poor bangali dude sitting in the trunk snapping pictures all day?

whatever it is, however they did it, i've fallen for it.

does anyone know the charges for it?


chika said...

the indian dude inside the car pulled aside with a camera inside is old news, they charge same as regural camera.. bas they snap pics now with people holding their mobiles?!!!

The Stallion said...

Sneaky buggers! FYI The speed limits in the tunnels are kinda slow so watch out! There used to be signs that stated that max speed was 80km/h! Many people consider that stretch of road a continuation to 5th ring and so they go 120km/h!

Ruby Woo said...

I was told that Tickets for mobile charges are 10KD, not sure though!

I don't think they caught you for the mobile thing. It's probably a speeding shot or maybe a car next to u or behind you was speeding so you thought it was you.

If it was you who was speeding, you'll have to pay both fines. Speeding and mobile!

Zed said...

FUCKKKKKK. if your saying the limit is 80 then i'm screwed with both tickets

speeding & mobile

Enigma said...

probably speeding... there is no way they an catch u that way for using your phone!

Vixen said...

way yommah shlooon chethee!! i think it's 50 kd >__<

dishevelled said...

Mobile mokhalafa is only mobashra ( he has to stop you and gve you the ticket), unless you were speeding and the camera got you, then you pay both, which is prolly your case =/

But thanks for the heads up on that camera! We need a website that tracks all camera's in Kuwait. And btw, the idea of a camera inside a car is not new, as far as I know, there's one at the end of the second ring road next to Shamiya, and if I'm not mistaken on the gulf road :/

N. said...

Yep you're caught for speeding now and on the phone, damn.. you're totally screwed =p

Zed said...

i hope thats not true

elijah said...

*shakes head* tsk tsk use the damn hands free!!

I got told off by a British passerby the other day for holding my mobile, I hadn't even used it yet!

They are so strict here and i'm talking bout normal people not the police! It's scary, I'm used to Kuwaiti and Jordanian craziness.

Zed said...

craziness, thats actually the norm