Sunday, July 20, 2008

number change

i hate when they do this, it just complicates everything, our lives will change and we'll lose contact with allot of people, I've experienced a similar change in Jordan a while back, it wasn't very pleasant


Joud said...

nothign will change, the switch is transparent there will 1st be a period where dialing the 7 or 8 digits will work at the same time

the annoying thing is updating the addressbook but i'm sure there are softwares

Anonymous said...

I didnt even spot this in the newspaper :p

Aurous said...

Annoying!! @@

Does that mean that I'll have to ask all my contacts if they have zain or Wataniya subscriptions? or is there a way to tell without asking them?

Zed said...

joud: adding these numbers on each individual on the address book will take me 2 years, i won;t do it and i will lose contact with most the the people in there

cruxine: thats what i'm here for

aurous: yes it means we have to get everyones number and add that one annoying digit in front

The Criticizer said...

When the new 6 is added to wataniya my number will jump from 150KD to ~800KD. Sweet.

N. said...

first the weekend, then its the numbers.. where will it end! *end sarcasm*