Wednesday, August 20, 2008

mistake from jazeera airways?

Can you spot the fuck-up that jazeera made here? 

are they THAT stupid and unprofessional, or is this a special sales scheme?


Big Pearls said...

That's really stupid!

teach said...

st be as stupid as them coz all I can see is that they have you departing on the 0 that it?

Technogal said...

LooL I see @@ that they are offering cheaper prices for Jazeera plus seats instead of the normal Jazeera seats, which means the cost of Jazeera seat is $80 higher than Jazeera plus.
Most probably they are facing enormous errors on their database!!

Fashionated said...

lol mo sej!

Sh7afana said...

mafahamt ;p

Zed said...

big pearls: so i am guessing you got it :P

teach: actually no, its the fact that the jazeera plus seats are cheaper than the regular seats

technogal: YOU GOT IT

fashionated: why would they do that?? i hate jazeera, i was a big fan but they've been sucking ass lately, i would rather pay double than ride with them ever again, i'll post about my previous bad experiences soon

sh7afana: click on the pic and look at the prices of the tickets, first class ar5a9 min il 3adi

N. said...

thats weird! stupid and weird haha.. but it should work to your advantage

Fashionated said...

i hate them too, with a passion..lets start an i hate jazeera group :P

flyDubai with Jazeera Air said...

With all their faults Jazeera still fare hugely better than Kuwait Airways. One thing I don't understand though, is their perpetual reticence to having newer destinations show up on their route map. They've been flying to Sanaa for over 2 months now but the route map has nothing to show for it.
As for KU what can be said of its website ?! Seems to me to be the work of some IT challenged cybercoolie.

Zed said...

i would love to start a hate group, a couple of months ago, they screwed me bad.

i wanted to change the date to a ticket but the site wasnt working and when i went to the airport, they made me wait for an hour before sending me to the head office which is close to the airport but they made me wait for 3 hours there and at the end some bastard told me "khalasss ra7at 3liek"

i just stormed out, i am still planning on bringing these fuckers down, i still don't believe that he told me khalaasss ra7at 3liek??? and cracked a smile like saying go fuck yourself

i bought that ticket for 200kd and i had to buy another one cause i coulnt do anything about this one

i cant wait till wataniya launches

Go India with Indigo said...

Zee, your anger is justified but they are certainly not all the crap you make them out to be. Lately, they have hit a pocket of turbulence in the air, hiring staff from KU and what have you?! But this is only transitory and the expectation is people with lousy attitude and work ethic shall wean themselves off it if they are to stay. Old habits die hard, you see.
I for one am in awe of their robust business model and their growth trajectory.It's enough to give jitters to Emirates airline.In a short space of 3 years their network has grown to 25 plus destinations which I think is commendable.As for the quality of their service they may not be an "Indigo" yet but they are striving to get right up there.