Tuesday, August 5, 2008

bye bye sultan hello carrefour

i love sc and i used to only shop there, until i had an incident with them last weekend, which ended up being the last time i ever deal with these obnoxious pricks.

it all started saturday morning when i went to buy some groceries from sultan before i going to my friends place to cook breakfast, we were so excited to start the day early and just have a home made feast for a change instead of just going to johnny rockets. so i have 8 items, the eggs the toast the pancake mix and other stuff, i go to the counter and the cashier does what she does best "its bla bla kd sir" ok i give her my knet card, she swipes, i enter my pin number, OK

5 minutes pass, 10 minutes pass, 15 minutes pass

just as she asks to swipe my card again cause "it didn't go through" i get a text message from NBK informing me that 12KD have been deducted from my account.

Excuse MEEEEEEE, you wannaaa do WHAT?????

I'm still calm at this point and i show her the message i got on my phone but she insists that she needs to swipe the card again, i make the dumb trainee bitch call her manager which is another idiot that takes my card and leaves for 30 minutes, imagine my frustration from waiting and the pressure building up from the non stop phone calls from the army of beasts waiting for their breakfast.

ok THATS IT, I WAT TO SPEAK SO SOMEONE THAT SPEAKS MY FUCKING LANGUAGE, SOMEONE WHO CAN ACTUALLY PRONOUNCE THE F'S AND THE V'S WHEN I'M TALKING TO THEM, SOMEONE THATS KUWAITI (i needed to talk to someone with authority, and this would be the only time i can ever shout at a Kuwaiti without getting deported LOL) which i didn't get, i young lebanese airhead manager came to me and gave me someone else's knet card thinking its mine and told me he's sorry for the inconvenience.

to make a long story short, they tried calling my bank and they came out with nothing useful, i just made them charge me again, i needed to get out of there before murdering someone, and the money wasn't an issue for me, the fact that they don't know what they are doing, their customer service is worse than the friday market and there is absolutely no one thats willing to take responsibility and act fast on and problems they face, they keep passing the problem to someone else.

when will they ever learn that with their current standards, they are only losing their customers, we do have a choice of stores to go to now, its not 1987 anymore.

i'm sure Carrefour wouldn't dare to do the same thing, since its a french franchise and they should care about their reputation, unlike the assholes at sultan.

bye bye sultan hello carrefour


Anonymous said...

To me sultan is still better than carefour even if they did this to me. Your issue happend between u them and the knet. They r not totally mistaken. If they let u go and the knet was the issue they would lost that amount. Digital transaction is prone to mistakes just be patient. pay again and keep the original receipts. b3deen carefour has only one branch

Grey said...

http://greyfort1.blogspot.com/2008/06/using-k-net.html did a post on this ... it was not TSC mistake , its the bl##dy Knet company thats become a nonsense lately ... it happens to atleast 4,5 times a day , most of the customers dont have sms facility from the bank , but i advice them to check balance when 'transaction void' happens. Next time this happens ( i could happen anywhere) just insist the cashier to call the k-net company and reverse the transaction ..

Zed said...

its not about the money, its the way they made me wait for 45 minutes, with no feedback from anyone, even when the manager gave me my knet card back, it wasnt my card

Anonymous said...

your not the only one who's quitting sultan center...read my posts about how they treated me for selling out dated food! sultan center has a majour admin problem that they need to fix soon...


N. said...

The actual problem is with K-net, Sultan probably used that opportunity to contact Knet and try to find out the problem, because the problem has been there for a while now and no one really knows what to do about it.

Still, it was bad enough they didn't actually explain things through and made you wait such a long time.

Anonymous said...

Its not Sultan its Knet...I had the same error and they will be returning my money back!

رشيد الخطار said...

KNet has issues going on lately. All banks are complaining.

eshda3wa said...

they should have just called knet

and do u know they found a rat running around the meat section

so i wouldnt take my business there either!

and you said it yourself
its not 1987

the local coops are just as good as sultan center !

eshda3wa said...

oh and the rat thing was in carrefour
forgot to mention that

ManalQ8 said...


I had the chance to visit this shop

and I do liked it


Zed said...

i would understand if they told me what the problem was, but they just kept me standing there infront of the cash lady, the line behind me was only getting angrier by the minute, i was boiling and i just wanted to kill someone

if they camly took to me an office made me drink tea or something, give me a complimentary chocolate bar, ANYTHING would have done it, but they did the opposite, piss me off more and more

sultan center sucks balls, i am not going to shop there anymore

Anonymous said...

Before long people are going to want to switch from Carrefour to Dean & DeLuca and Auchan once they open shop in Kwt.

Zed said...

Anonymous: anywhere thats clean and has acceptable service is fine by me, the problem is you can never find a place with either