Sunday, March 1, 2009

From Russia with love

we've all noticed the growing presence of Russians in dubai lately. well i found this note plastered in my hotel room and thought it was pretty funny (click to enlarge):

basically hotel management is politely asking hotel guests to dress appropriately and in line with the country's culture and traditions. i wonder what they saw in order to feel compelled to write such a note !


Mrs. and Mr. Technicolore said...

And I thought Chinese are the new Russians.

N. said...

These messages of dressing appropriately are all over the malls too

Atilla at the Antilla said...

Back when I was interning at Hemel Hempstead, the local Asda would have a huge sign out front in the summers yelling - "Both vested and non vested guys welcome." There seems to be a movement of some sort in Western Europe for men to go into their local supermarkets bare chested in summers with not so much as a fruit fly to bat an eye lid at them.
I was and still am genuinely stunned to see how modestly dressed shoppers are in Kuwait. :)