Saturday, December 16, 2006

Googling Kuwait

In a mindless googling session, I did a search on "Kuwait" and came accross this excerpt straight out of Wikipedia, under "History of Kuwait:"

"A narrow-minded & prejudice opinion indicated that some Arabian tribes came to Kuwait before others. [citation needed] In reality, this is only a stubborn opinion made by tribesmen themselves, and should not be mistaken with Kuwait's true history. [citation needed] Nobody knows the precise history of Kuwait, therefore no genuine historian could conclude the exact origins of the founding fathers of this nation."

Interesting isn't it ;)


The Aggressor said...

During the 16th Century, under the Bani Khaled tribe, who controlled Qatar in the South, all the way to Basrah in the North, the Al Sabah were awarded by the Bani Khaled to be the administrators of Kuwait, after their wars with the Ottomans and the Wahhabis during the 16th century. Before that, Kuwait was part of the nomadic routs that the bedouins used for trade and commerce. A good book about the History of Kuwait is "The Modern History of Kuwait" by Ahmed Mustafa Abu Hakima (circa 1983)

Joud said...

the Sabahs were indeed chosen by the people of the community back then, contrary to what many believe. . thanks for the book tip !