Monday, December 18, 2006

Sick leave

I'm coming down with the flu so I decided to leave work early today, on my way home I stopped by the "mustawsaf", first of all, what the hell is a mustawsaf? does this word mean anything, cause I never heard of a "mustawsaf" existing anywhere but here in Kuwait.

Anyways, a "mustawsaf" is bad news, I felt worse the second I walked in, its dirty, allot of screaming kids, and my doctor looked suicidal, I wasn't very comfortable, I just wanted to get my sick leave paper signed and get out of there. There was one good thing to it, I got free medication, although I wouldn't dare take the stuff they gave me, it's always nice to get free stuff. I'm sticking to the usual way, lots of liquid, bed rest, lots and lots of NyQuil and a movie marathon.

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