Thursday, January 11, 2007

3 things

3 foods i like:
1. a good fondue
2. a good fondant (a good anything with chocolate really)
3. a juicy, medium-cooked filet mignon

3 foods i dislike:
1. raisins
2. eggplant
3. pineapple


BLaSha said...

raisins?! dudddddddddde, you should try the dry ones at sultan center, or the ones covered with chocolate at starbucks... you'll change yer mind.

Ali said...

who doesn't like pineapples!?!?!?!?
i thought pineapples are universally liked!!!
you gotta check our new podcast episode this week about staring and cutting line in Kuwait at:

Joud said...

come on guys, raisins? ....and pineapple?? the texture, the taste, its all wrong !

blasha, even if they were chocolate covered - i cant handle them. i dislike dried fruit in general

chikapappi said...

Ain't nothin better than a meduim cooked steak! YUMMY! Good choice! Raisins, no freakin way! I just can't understand how people eat those!

Joud said...

chikapappi: don't ask me, to me it's a mystery, up there with the kennedy murder