Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stallone Fund

After watching "Rocky Balboa", I decided I'm starting a charity for Sylvester Stallone, I don't believe I wasted 1 hour and 42 minutes watching this pathetic excuse for a movie, does Stallone need the money that bad, maybe he should go back to making porn or just do a Christmas movie and not tarnish a great legacy of films. Everything about this movie sucked, from the plot to the score, this movie may induce snoring.
And since it's pretty obvious Stallone's not doing too good in Hollywood, Sylvester if you ever read this, please e-mail me your bank account info, we all love you and we will support you with everything we've got, just don't ever embarrass yourself like this again, it's not worth it big guy.


BLaSha said...

Weeh, Laish? eShsawa in the movie??

Nora said...

At last some one talks truly about this movie!! I went to watch it but hated myself for doing that! Why did he do that???
How could he trash a great legacy???

Spontaneousnessity said...

LOL he would probably cry if he ever reads that!!

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

off topic, a note to Yazeed, you are confusing the hell out of me when you comment on people's blogs because there is already another "Yazeed"!

Maybe you should meet and decide on different spelling or somthing ;P

Yazeed said...

blasha: watch the movie, you'll see eshsawa.. and you can come back to complain :D

nora: the need for money, when is the last time stallone had a hit movie?????

spontaneousessity: i'd like to see him cry, a tough guy like Stallone hehehe

shopaholic q8eya: yes i know there's another yazeed, and sometimes it confuses me too, maybe we should flip a coin for it