Monday, January 8, 2007

Hello Moto

This was my first phone, I had it during my first year in Canada 1995.

What an ugly phone, I remember I used to carry around 2 extra batteries, each battery would last one phone call hehe I was limited to 3 calls a day, imagine we had to do that now.


Q80Batman said...

I use to have one 2
thay call it Asfar 2 or 3 back then in Mtc ugly one yes but i miss the old good days in the 90s

BLaSha said...

Around that time.. I was only 11 and I wasn't allowed to have a phone :P

But I had a walkie talkie :D

Kinan said...

Good old times.
for those of us who lived in Kuwait most of their lives, remember the Intale2s?!


Elijah said...

1995 was my first year at uni in Jordan, no one had a mobile phone back then, lol

Yazeed said...

q80batman: i never knew what it was called "asfar" wasn't yellow or anything

blasha: when you're 11 you don't really need a phone.. so its ok, and thanks for making me feel ancient hehe

elijah: and look at jordan now, the garbage man has 3-4 phones ...funny