Sunday, January 7, 2007

Post-holiday blues

For those of you who are saddened by the jolt back into reality, here are some tips I found on the web which are supposed to help you get over your holiday blues:

- Leave out some decorations around the house as a reminder of the
christmas / new year celebration

- Put together a holiday picture album

- Play upbeat music in the background while at work and at home

- Spend time with people to avoid feeling lonely

- Volunteer with a local charity, school, or other organization

- You-time: get a massage, take time to read, enjoy some quiet time, take a bubble bath

- Don't take a holiday to begin with

Maybe taking some "you-time" or volunteering can help, but honestly the rest just seems like denial ! What always works for me is to have my next holiday planned, even if it's a very short one. it's something to look forward to.


Elijah said...

You told me not to read! :( j/k

I'm already planning for the 25th and 26th :P

Yazeed said...

25 & 26th Feb? Indep. Day, is there any other upcoming long weekends????

Elijah said...

Yes Yazeed and Jan 20th is the Hijri New Year, it's on a Saturday :P

Yazeed said...


DiiGMaa said...

I'm still in holiday mode :P
can't snap out of it.. I will definately be taking another holiday soon.. but no planning.. I hate planning.. I like to pick up and go.. :P

Joud said...

elijah: 3afia ! i have an idea what i'll be doing then too, and i even have the long weekend this month all figured out ;)

diigmaa: it's true that the best holidays are the spontaneous, let's-go-on-a whim ones