Monday, January 29, 2007

Texas Hold'em

I've been a poker player for a while now, and always enjoyed the game, with a bunch of friends on a random weekday, beer & cigars, the way it's meant to be played, and lately I've noticed there's a poker craze, how did it become so famous, 5 years ago no one ever cared for it, now there's a poker channel, this is insane. Even here in Kuwait it's huge; you'd be surprised how many people gather up on weekends for poker night.

I'm gonna have to start poker tournament in Kuwait, playing the same people every weekend gets old and too predictable. Anyone wanna help me set it up.

*Whenever the guys can't make it, there's always I've made a good amount of money on that site. I once made 1000$ from a tournament on party poker, it took 6 long hours but it was all worth it, it was a Friday anyways.
and no I'm not getting a commission from


Kinan said...

Oh!!! Good Ol' days..

I haven't played in a while. It's a GREAT game :D


moocherx said...

Beer and cigars??? Can I join?!

Zed said...

bring cash and YES you can join hehe

Kinan said...

Do you accept credit cards? :p

Zed said...

hehehe cash only ... sweet sweet cash

Kinan said...

bummer! :(