Monday, January 29, 2007

This is not my sandwich

politically incorrect & hilarious


moocherx said...

I can't view Youtube at work =(

But would I be right in thinking this has something to do with a sketch from last year's Catherine Tate show?

I remember she played a character who claimed she could do anything. So when they needed a translator, she jumped in.

After she'd done all the "bongobongo" stuff for the african guy she threw in "this is not my sandwich".

I don't know what sandwiches have to do with Africa... but it was hilarious. And I hope it's that video you've posted! If not, you need to find it.

Joud said...

u're right on the money !

by the time she got to the swede i couldnt breathe. and the sanwich bit, i don't know what the connection is either - but its absurdity makes the skit this much funnier

Kinan said...

Stupid corporate internter policies!!!

I can't view this either :(

Sounds hilarious though, which actually makes me want to see it even more :'(

Elijah said...

LOOOL I loved it, and the sandwich bit was the best.

Joud said...

kinan: don't miss it, really

elijah: i know ! just wen u think u're all laughed out, comes the bit about the sandwich. and there it goes all over again :)

moocherx said...

I know it's a bit too late because there's too many new posts so no-one will see this, but the only other MUST SEE Catherine Tate sketch I know of is this:

Not for the talking before or after... but just when they do their version of the Black Eyed Peas "Shut Up" and they think they're so good they should be on Pop Idol.


Joud said...

funny too but the translator sketch beats it by a long shot :)

Erica said...

I don't understand the sandwich comment. Is it from a movie or something?

Anonymous said...

definitely a reference to a commercial / sketch show / film etc. I think it's an commercial but just can't quite place it.

bilge said...

it was probably an ad lib. awesome! :)