Sunday, February 4, 2007

Before 30

Inspired by two things:

1. 30 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do Before Turning 30 (book)

2. bintbunaz's post (blog)

I decided to list some of the things I wanna learn & do before I'm 30, and since I'm running out of time, I have to get started soon.

1. Make a million Dinars
2. Have something named after me
3. Learn how to hotwire a car
4. Buy a motorbike (Yamaha R1)
5. hope that some of joud's wisdom rubs off on me
6. Get my DiveMaster Scuba Diving License (PADI)
7. Purchase a PowerKite and pick up Powerkiting as a hobby
8. Keep a plant alive for more than a year (not cannibus)
9. Discover my superpower
10. Go watch a live soccer game (World Cup)
11. Run a marathon
12. Get in shape (tone up abit) and maintain it
13. ..... I can't believe I'm drawing a blank at i'm not superstitious, I don't believe in that crap and 13 isn't bad luck.

I know there's more I wanna do & learn, I will probably update this post a couple more times and I will keep everyone informed of my progress.


Anonymous said...

I only achieved one thing from that list....and too bad i'm turning 31...:P

Elijah said...

I got 8 months to go, gonna learn to play the guitar before 30. Sky dive before I die, lol like I know when that is.

You can do it!

But don't you think you were a bit over the top with 'the million dollars'? Don't forget me when u get them ;P

moocherx said...

34 here, and done none of those. I have my own company in Thailand and could've named that after me I suppose... but I'm just far too humble!

Elijah: skydiving and dying could both happen in the same day (one immediately after the other!). So be careful...

Kinan said...

I wanna discover my superpower as well!

Zed said...

maze: thats my list, its ok that you only have one thing from MY list hehe.. what is that one thing??

elijah: easyyyyy, learn the guitar and sky dive thats all you got... take guitar lessons and its takes no more than 6 months to get good at it, and sky dive with an instructor attached to you..

moocherx: i will tag all of you.. list of things i wanna do and learn before i die..

kinan: you're human, you dont have a superpower

Ms Loala said...

Kinda reminds of me of my list days before i turned 20... Done none of them thoguh =\

But good luck with the Million Dinras thing, don't forger you fellow bloggers ;p

Elijah said...

mooch: I know but I would die doing something I love ;)

I will begin guitar lessons next month enshallah.

I don't want anything attached to me and now you're telling me to attach a human being aaaaa333 ;P

Zed said...

Ms Loala: heheh i'll try to remember my blogger buddies... blogger.... blog... huhhhh.. who are you...

Elijah: good luck with the diving without an instructor = deathwish... check this link

Anonymous said...

Zed: it's the million kd...:)

Kook said...

I definitley must add No 10 on my list... still have time :)

Zed said...

maze: if its the million, why are you still working in a bank... i used to work for a bank (credit officer) it was hell heheh banking = routine .. i couldnt take it, so i came to kuwait hehe

kook: yeah, would be a rush watching a game live, and we have 2 more years to prepare for the south africa trip hehe

Kinan said...

*Insulted!* o_O

What makes you so sure I'm human?!