Monday, February 5, 2007

Let me sleep

' they' say that adults need an average of 8h of sleep per day.

so why is it that no matter how much i sleep, i feel like it's mission impossible to get out of bed every morning ?

the people who get up all smiley and perky, how do they do it ? HOW ?


Kinan said...

I have a smiley face/stress relief ball perfectly positioned at an angle such that every time I wake up the first thing I see is a smiley face :)

That way I always feel fresh and happy and joyful every morning :p

*sounds like an 8 year old school girl*

Elijah said...

They're just b@$t@rds Joud!

Ms Loala said...

Try drinking leban before sleeping.

H. said...

Before recommending you my drug I need to change your idea of sleep.

Its not the number of hours but the pattern.

For example if you are used to sleep from 12-8am and you changed it 2-10 even though its the same number of hours but you will wake up grumpy.

Has alot to do with your sleeping cycles making an agreement with your serotonin day chart. Or in layman's terms your Biological Clock.

Joud said...

kinan: u're one of them !

elijah: kinan is one of them !

ms loala: i ate / drank everything u can imagine before sleeping. makoo fayda

H: interesting - how does one get their serotonin chart ? and what is your drug ??

Peony said...

i dont do early mornings =) i either wake up early or smile.. pick one ;p

Maze said...

i sleep only 4 hours and wake up happy...:)

Joud said...

peony: u and me both; like right now, i'm so not smiling

maze: mashalla 3alek - if i slept for 4h every night, i dont wanna know what i would look like