Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Golden Arches

I'm putting my foot down on this decision, I'm Boycotting McDonald's once and for all.

I'm not a big fan of fast food restaurants but just like anyone sometimes I am forced to grab a bite at Burger King, McD's, Hardee's, etc.....When I do eat fast food, Hardee's is my favorite.
Last night I was at a food court that didn't have a Hardee's and I didn't feel like having BK cause it's too heavy, I decided to go for McD's combo no. 4 (two cheese burgers, fries and a coke), so I take my order to the table but damn ... I forgot to get some mayonnaise, so I go back for some mayonnaise.

Zed: can I get some mayonnaise, please.
Employee: 50 fils.
Zed: HUH??
Employee: 50 fils, sir.
Zed: what??
Employee: 50 fils, sir.
Zed: for what, mayonnaise????
Employee: yes sir.

I was so frustrated I just took my 2 packs of mayo tossed 100 fils on the counter and left, it's never about the money, it's the concept.. you're charging me 50 fils for mayo now, what will come next? the Ketchup
I bet if they increased their prices to include the mayo, it wouldn't have bothered me, but to bluntly charge me extra for mayonnaise..... that's hurtful ....
I know that The McDonald's Corp couldn't care less about one less customer, but I'll be doing my best to convince others the same.
I'm NOT lovin' it....ta ra taa taa taaaa


Joud said...

which is why i'm a johnny rocket's gal.. not only are their condiments complementary, they even draw smily faces with them ;)

i know one cant compare McD's and Johnny, but i just wanted to say "johnny rocket's gal"

Nora_Cassandra said...

Oh! Don't feel so bad! It's almost everywhere now! I live in Finland; it's the same thing here! And I was in Greece and in Cyprus, and both of them in McDonalds they ask for extra charge for any kind of sauce! Even Mayo!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Umm.. I HATE mayo with fries but I ADORE ketchup and I freak out if I'm having fries and there's no ketchup in the house!! so everytime I eat out I go 'Can I have more ketchup please?' over and over until I have like 12 or something. They never charged me for it, tho. Ehem it just occured to me that you might not be talking about ketchup but lol.. Anyway good for you for boycotting McDonald's.

Zed said...

joud: johnny rocket rules

nora_cassandra: i know that they charge extra in europe, but thats always been like that in europe... its not like that in north america nor the middle east....McD's is the only place in kuwait that charges for sauces (other than ketchup)

pinkish: i love mayo, with everything... my favorite is mayo & ketchup together (1000 island sauce)

I always hated McD's, for them being a zionist company, for them having additives in their meat, for them targeting kids, for Ronald McDonald (he pisses me off)

this is where they crossed the line.. i don't pay for MAYO

eshda3wa said...

Good for you
i boycott MD's 2 years ago and ive been happy ever since!
u have my support 50 fils for mayo, wain ga3deen, next theyll be charging for extra napkins!

Nael said...

I hate Mcdonald's from the buttom of my heart!!! But I fell for temptation the day before yesterday and went with my co-workers to Mcdonald's. I asked for mustard, and the girl gave me two without any extra charge, I think it's because she liked me... lol. But that was the first time I went to Mcdonald's or any fast food restaurant since the beginning of this year. I'm not a regular junkie.

Ms Loala said...

I was surprised too when they charged me for it. As you said, it's never about the 50 fils but the concept.
God bless BK, you ask for as much as you want of mayo and ketchup and they're for free <3

Zed said...

Eshda3wa: thank you for your support, its good to hear there are others like me out there :)

Nael: i always hated McD's, i dont know what it is.... i dont know if they chage for mustard

Ms Loala: hardees and BK all the way...
its never about the money

Anonymous said...

Johnny rockets w bes!