Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"Why innovate, just imitate"...

...which i suggest should be the motto for all Arab countries, since we're doing a great job applying it.

I was at City Center Salmiya (bowling at Cozmo) last week and I noticed this! I am positive that the same corner was a New York Fries the last time I was in City Center Salmiya (bowling at Cozmo), probably not the original New York Fries but it made me laugh and I just had to stop and take a picture of it (using my Nokia E50 1.3mgpx Cam).
What's next????
Perhaps New Hampshire, if Jersey doesn't work out.


Kinan said...


We never learn to use our brains, do we?!

Anyway, you're a bowling fan as well?! We usually go to Club 300 in Bneid El Gar, you know this old classic bowling alley! It's just brilliant. We are always there either shooting pool or bowling. Lovely atmosphere, and the food MmmmmMMMMmmmmm!


mark said...

The New York Friez in Kuwait located just outside city center is also a copy of New York Fries


Zed said...

kinan: I am new in Kuwait, I don't know where that bowling alley is, but Cozmo is a new place also has arcades, pool tables, air hockey and foosball.. you should check it out

mark: I think New Jersey Fries was the New York Friez your talking about

Ms Loala said...
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Ms Loala said...

It is never new =\
Recently, they opened "blimpie" in our cafeteria which is subway copycat .. ever heared of it? it tastes horrible =\

Zed said...

ms loala: Blimpie is huge in north america

check out the site

eshda3wa said...

why bother thinking
arabs copy EVERYTHING from food to tv shows
sad but true

Zed said...

eshda3wa: sooner or later we'll come up with something to be proud of, other than Haifa Wehbe lol