Saturday, March 17, 2007

Arabian Gulf Road

Anyone noticed the amount of construction on the Arabian Gulf Road lately, lets hope it ends up looking like THIS.


Sene said...

Well, I truly hope so!!

Happy Wolf said...

"You can fake it.. but can't make it"

eshda3wa said...


emaarati beauty said...

So you actually want your nation to turn into some kind of a hypermarket, then?

Ms Loala said...

I don't think so, all these construction are made to gain personal profit by VIPs ..
As they say: "7ameeha ......."

mosan mosan said...

and lets hope there be enough parking space

Kinan said...

I just got back from Dubai! Man it's absolutely astonishing. My last visit was not six months ago and this time I completely lost my way around it.

That city changes inhumanely fast... I still love it though :D

Hope Kuwait picks up a pace that is half as fast as Dubai's. That would be absolutely great!

Zed said...

sene: we all hope so

happy wolf: we can make it if we try

eshda3wa: May God listen to you.. INSHALLAHHHHHH

emaarati beauty: I guess you've never been to Kuwait???

ms loala: i see advancements, they are slow but its happening

mosan mosan: thats the one thing you cant count on...

kinan: If we get to were Dubai is now, i'm positive Kuwait would be better, Kuwait's the future, F%#K DUBAI

Witty said...

Hmmm..I'm not sure I want Kuwait to turn into another Dubai (no offence), but that pic you've shown of Dubai was an environmental hazard :)

Call me old-fashioned (or maybe just OLD :)) but sometimes I hate drastic change. I like when I drive through Gulf Road to be able to actually SEE the sea!

moocherx said...

2 points:

1) 'aint never gonna happen
2) See no. 1

the unassuming lebanese LOL said...

What's there to like about Dubai so much??
The traffic congestion, steep house rents and utilities bills, sub-standard private schooling or a crappy health service (not much different to Kuwait's).
Or wait, the Russian and Indian mafia there?

Indian born in Kuwait said...

Kuwait can not reach the progress levels reached by Dubai, mainly because of its closed economy.
Like it or not/ disagree or not, expats run most business' in Kuwait. As long as Kuwait's economy is unfavorable to foreign investors, no progress will be possible I mean a foreigner can not own his/her own business.
You may argue that, its done only to protect the citizens of the country. It is a good thing that Kuwait provides its citizens everything, but with the laws in place, it is also counter productive.
The laws of the country discourage ambition by regular Kuwaities. The only progress/development efforts, come from members of the Sabah family, who have lots of money to piss away.
But why would a regular Kuwaiti, who is provided all kinds of incentives, risk losing all his money, trying to start a huge business, that can possibly go under, when he/she can go every year for vacations to places in Europe or build fancy houses?!?