Monday, March 26, 2007


Tamdeen Shopping Centre Development has announced The Mall of Kuwait in Sabahiya with a retail area of 1.3m sqft which will open in 2008. The mall will have five anchor stores and a hypermarket and be surrounded by gardens, water and leisure facilities.

Some of Kuwaits malls:

- Marina Mall
- Al Kout
- Al Salhiya
- Al Bustan
- Sharq Mall
- Zahra
- Galleria
- Layla
I'm just randomly naming the ones I know, there are allot more that I can't name at the moment.
Is there that many people shopping in Kuwait, do we really need all these malls?


Elijah said...

Al Raya

Al Ba7ar


Al Muhalab

Kinan said...

Well, if people do not shop what would they do in kuwait?! :P

The Avenues looks really cool.

moocherx said...

I remember when Souq Sharq opened and we were finally grateful for a half-decent mall. What we now need is a mall with different shops in!

Joud said...

al manshar

and magic land or smthg like that - in fahaheel

Hamoor said...


Mall of Kuwait will be openning its door in 2010 - 2011.

360 it is targeted to be open in NOV. 2008


Happy Wolf said...

I wish they opened a disco instead

Ms Loala said...

A mall in saba7eya, it's about time 3agad stop coming to the inner malls!

eshda3wa said...

galaeria 2000

and these are all on one street!!

and u'de think with all these stores wede have variety
but Nooo
its the same 10 stores in every mall
clothes r turning into uniforms in kuwait
buy 1 and the whole population has one!


Nael said...

I hate shopping.... :D

Zed said...

thanks everyone for completing my list....I was at The Avenues today, its very nice, spacious and well designed...but the stores are repetitive, same as every freakin mall in Kuwait...
And I was shocked to see 3 Starbuck's in the same hallway... THREE STARBUCK a couple of meters away from each other... didnt make sense to me - Maybe Al Shaya own The Avenues

Kinan said...

Actually Zed there are in total 6 Starbucks outlets in The Avenues and it's not entirely finished yet.

And yes you guessed it right, Al Shaya owns the bloody thing :)

Sene said...

What's the use? Every mall that opens ahve the same shops, same things you get everywhere. You see something new, go ahead and buy it. Next day everyone has it, LOL!!

The Criticizer said...

What we need is to lockup all the 3agad and brats inside the biggest malls in Kuwait and crash it down on them all.

jumping translocation said...

Maybe now is as good a time as any to see more of international lifestyle and home furnishings stores open up shop in Kuwait.
We'd particularly like for Genevieve Lethu, Crabtree & Evelyn, the John Lewis & Peter Jones' stores and Jenners of Edinburgh among others to be the lead anchors for the Lakes and 360 Kuwait.
But as they say, if wishes were horses then beggars would ride on them.