Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This is SPARTA

Everyone probably reviewed this movie, but I just have to give my own review too. This movie will definitely be included on my top 20 list, the fact that it's based on a true story, of course Hollywood spices everything up and creates their own image to generate the $$$, but history does mention how everything happened.
I saw 300 at the movies in Dubai while I was there for the weekend, I suggest if you are going to watch it, make sure you are watching it in the theatres or on a big screen TV, the effects play a big role in this movie.
To those who didn't see it, its a must see "Two Thumbs Up", and for those who saw it.... what did you guys think?


Happy Wolf said...

Everyone is talkin about this movie.. time to visit "Pirates of the DVDian" and get my 300...

Kinan said...



Zed said...

you can watch it, it's out in the theatres in Kuwait

Nael said...

It wasn't that impressive except for the action, graphics and sound, everything else sucked! There were lots of mistakes, like for example, when that king chopped off a Persian soldier's leg, there were like powders of blood that just disappeared in thin air, and the ground was still clean!!! What the heck! and before the they went for war, that Spartan king's wife was holding his shield and hands it to him using just one arm!! Do you have any idea how heavy that shield is? it's even mentioned later on in the movie by the commentator that his shield is heavy, even that ugly gnome dude didn't manage to carry the same shield properly!
Braveheart had alot spiced up stuff to make it attract audience, but not as much as 300, yet, it was still a very successful successful movie that won oscar awards which I doubt 300 willl.
The movie just disappointed me, and it's just overrated!

Kinan said...

No one wants to watch it with me :(


It's based on a graphic novel. Of course blood will turn into powder and women are ultra strong :)

KJ said...

I loved it to bits, regardless of so many little errors it had. But then again, which movie doesn't have mistakes!