Thursday, March 8, 2007


I was just reading Fonz 's post on Home Cooking and realized that most of us don't appreciate home cooked meals like we should, specially arabic TABEEKH.

For my fellow non-arabic speaking readers: Tabeekh means home cooked meals in arabic

My favorite Tabkhat cooked and prepared by my lovely mother:

1. Wara2 Enab (Grape Leaves)
2. Mulokhieh (Meat not chicken)
3. Mughrabieh (also known as Maftool)
4. Ma2loobeh (with Cauliflower not Eggplant)
5. Mashawy (Kabab, Tika, Shish Taouk and the works)
6. Mansaf (Jordan's national dish)
7. Msakhan (Palestine's national dish)
8. Kusa with Bandoura (Zucchini in tomato sauce)

My least favorite Tabkhat:

1. Bamyeh (no need to explain why)
2. Labanimo (a yougurt with rice dish)
3. Faware3' (Stuffed intestines)
4. Anything with fool (Beans)
5. Anything with eggplants


Kinan said...

iLove Msakhan!

I can eat it every waking day for all eternity to come :)

Life said...

I love waraq 3inab, specially the kuwaiti style.. where its served hot. very soft and juicy! *dies*

what do you mean by mansaf? we in kuwait use mansaf to serve large quantity of people.. its like a large tray filled with machboos laham. with a stand beneath it. people would gather around it and eat. yep with their hands :P
I'm not sure if thats what you meant by it. :)

Anonymous said...

Walla i got the right list...same as me...bes i dont like stuffied intestines...

KJ said...

I agree with the list! Wara2 3enab is the best thing on earth.

And I hate eggplants. I don't know why they just melt into disgusting little things inside your mouth. I feel like I am eating some organism

Zed said...

kinan: msakhan is awesome...messy buy soooo worth it

life: mansaf is Jordan's national dish, its rice and meat with Jameed (which is an aged yogurt sauce)...

maze: i hate stuffed intestine, the thought of it grosses me out

kj: the texture of the eggplants...cant stand it, like bamyeh.. nye33

Elijah said...

I make excellent mansaf but with chicken and yogurt, don't like jameed or beef or lamb

Nael said...

My favorite Arabic dishes:

1- The stuffed veggies (Zucchini, eggplant, pepper...etc).
2- Wara2 3eneb (I like the one with olive oil more).
3- Faware5' (Stuffed Intenstines), it's great!! I don't know why you don't like it!!
4- Mssa5'an (Palestinian dish).
5- Shakriyeh (Granma style! for some reason nobody can make as good as hers).
6- Mloo5yeh (with leaves not the soup type).
7- 7arra2 osba3o.
8- kebbeh ma2liyeh.
9- Others that I can't recall their names at the moment.

Nice post by the way.

Zed said...

elijah: lol i don't think that mansaf anymore, its just chicken and yogurt... how can you not like jameed, i can chug it down if it didnt have fatal side effects hehe

nael: whats shakrieh, i forgot..
and thanks

Nael said...

It's a combination of cooked yogurt, meat with certain spices. It closely resembles Kousa with Leban (I hope you know what this is... lol), but it has meat instead of Zuchini.

Zed said...

yes we call it labanimo, which is on my least fav. list hehe