Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Colorful mess

somewhere in europe i came accross this traffic light clutter which caught my attention. and confused the heck out of me.

all i could think of was what would happen if we put this thing on one of shuwaikh or kuwait city's intersections ?


Patrick said...

hehehe, yea i know that monument.
it would work great in shuweikh actually with all the intersections, only people would think its a Xmas tree :)

Kinan said...

That should be a great experiment to eradicate some of the monumentally stupid drivers around :D

Goes well with the previous post :)

KJ said...

Place this in a certain south Asian country and see what happens

eshda3wa said...


and lots of blood

elijah said...

It wouldn't make a difference, people don't follow traffic lights anyway :P

Welcome Back

Joud said...

patrick: hehe probably

kinan: yeah iKuwait is all about coordination ;)

kj: depends which one; in japan they would probably figure it out and use it efficiently

eshda3wa: well put

elijah: thanks !