Saturday, August 11, 2007


lately on showtime they've been previewing an egyptian movie called ما تيجي نرقص (translates to "let's dance") which is a quasi copy of the 2004 movie "shall we dance." to camouflage the plagiarism they inversed the roles of the husband and wife.


I remember other egyptian movies that are replicas (and not good ones) of american ones, like:
- pretty woman (arabic version = الجينز)
- dirty rotten scoundrels (don't remember the arabic name)
- revenge (arabic version = البلدوزر)

aren't they breaking some kind of copyright law or something ? and the more important question to ask is - can't they come up with their own ideas ?

i mean if u're gonna copy foreign movies, at least pick ones which aren't well-known.

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KJ said...

I don't watch Egyptian movies :P So I can't answer, LoL