Sunday, August 12, 2007

7 sex hotspots

According to Health 24, these are the 7 sex hot spots.
I still haven't done it in all these locations, but that'll be my mission from now on, any woman care to help me fulfill my mission.

Here is the list with my comments:

7. At your parent’s house
Risk: 10
Difficulty: 8
Pleasure count: 7
(I think everyone has had sex in their parents house, that's the first place you have sex)

6. In your car on a long trip
Risk: 10
Difficulty: 9
Pleasure count: 6
(been there, done that, not too comfortable, but very exciting)

5. The library
Risk: 7
Difficulty: 5
Pleasure count: 9
(The WHAT???)

4. In the swimming pool
Pleasure count: 8
(I must say this one was one of the best places to have sex, specially if it was a public pool, clean public pool. it does get weird at a stage, but pleasure is off the charts)

3. The mile-high club
Risk: 9
Difficulty: 9
Pleasure count: 5
(I need to find someone that would travel with me next weekend so I can try this, always wanted to join the mile high club)

2. On the beach
Risk: 7
Difficulty: 7
Pleasure count: 7
(not as half as fun as people claim, sands gets in places where you don't want it, and that's enough to kill the mood)

1. The sauna
Risk: 2
Difficulty: 2
Pleasure count:10
(I almost had a heart attack, it was too hot, and it took much much much longer for me to finish the job, if you are claustrophobic, this is not were you wanna have sex)


N. said...

The post is a month early (sept 12). How time flies when you're having fun! :p

Zed said...

noobie mistake

KJ said...

LooooooooL Zed :P 3eib, hehehe.

So I don't see why you are complaining if it took you longer to finish the job in the sauna :P It isn't a race you know. Well, not when it is almost done :P

Zed said...

kj: believe me you'd be complaining too if it took you 2.5 hours in that heat

Nora-Cassandra said...

You are so funny! I had all except the one in the library and the mile-high club!!! Ok and the pool! I almost had it but then I didn’t want to have unprotected sex so I didn’t! But then I feel bad because the man I almost did it with is my husband now!! I think I should get that done! :P

I love having sex in the sauna! It’s such a work out! Try next time getting out going under cold water and see if you that would make it even more difficult! :P I am half Finn and I think all Finns have done it at least 2-5 times! :D

Nora-Cassandra said...

See if you that would make it even more difficult!

See if that would make it any easier! It just makes it even more difficult!! But fun!!! ;)

Zed said...

Nora-Cassandra: i will take your advise and keep that in mind for the next time. which doesn't seem to be anytime soon, i now live in kuwait

KJ said...

WTF, 2.5 hours! What a workout, LoL. You're a surviver I gotta give you that

Nora-Cassandra said...

Zed; I’m so sorry for you man! I don’t go to sauna that often in Cyprus, but I still have the beach and the swimming pools! ;)

KJ; Not 2,5 hours! :D It's 2-5 time minimum in their lives!! I personally can't remember how long does it take but it's not less than 30 min to 1 hour!! It's really difficult man! The heat is over 70c and the place is not that comfortable and the cold I mean freezing cold shower just get’s you even going longer because it makes things even harder!! But I have to say it’s so much fun! I think I should go to Finland soon and take my husband with me!! :P

Zed said...

kj: sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do

nora-cassandra: i love beaches

Jabriya Jane said...

Hey, how come you missed out on all the action possible at zero gravity on board the Space Station. :)
Risk : -1
Difficulty : Infinity

elijah said...

Loool zed, you need to get laid hun, very soon :P

chikapappi said...

3eib yabny!

MYK said...

I thought I've read this before! I was like .. Deja Vu :)

Johnnie Blues said...

First place was her parents house :P