Monday, August 6, 2007

'Exterminate' your boss

"Can’t stand your boss? Do you stay up at night thinking of ways to ‘exterminate’ your boss without getting caught?"

yes as many of you probably know this is not some criminal advice or sadistic daydream - it's a promotional email from jazeera

... the rest of it:

"Then this SALE is for you! Avoid going to jail, get out of the office and take advantage of our hot new sale starting from KD 3 / AED 39! To sizzling beaches and vibrant metropolitan cities and forget all about him!"

I wonder who's the person behind jazeera's promotion team - someone with a bold sense of humor, or someone with politically incorrect judgement.

PS: it's interesting they assume the evil boss is a "him" ;)


Nomad said...

I'd rather use a mace :p

Zed said...

lol jazeera needs to hire a new marketing team, i think the person behind this ad is not too fond of his boss

Kinan said...

running away does not completely solve the problem. Extermination is necessary still.

*goes back to plotting his own extermination scheme*

chikapappi said...

Seriously! This is a real ad! I find it revolting & stupid...

Princess said...

umm ok, :( i thought it was an i want my boss dead thing...oh well

Grey said...

Mr Boodai needs to be careful , forget the ad agency , they got some idiot in Jazeera who approved it ! hehe !

N. said...

False advertising, psh..

Joud said...

nomad: very straightforward . u're not in the mkting field are u

zed: 2 words: restraining order

kinan: do u work for jazeera ? hehe

chikapappi: very real - i got the email this morning !

princess: hehe sorry for misleading u . . i think there are professional ppl for this kind of service - they're called hitmen :)

grey: yeah i cant believe they approved an ad with the words exterminate and jail in it

n.: hehe yeah how misleading

Swair. said...

hahaha 'him'? :p

and e9eer khair!