Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kuwait's killers

according to Kuwait Times, Kuwait's 3 main killers are:
1. heart diseases (due to smoking, unhealthy eating habits)
2. cancers
3. road accidents

honestly i thought road accidents would be number 1, not heart diseases - which reminds me, I have to place an order for johnny rockets burgers for tonight's gathering :->

the article ends with this amusing sentence: "The study also mentioned that men died at relatively younger ages when compared to women because of their own faults."


N. said...

Of course their own fault. Men and Women die because of their own fault. However they die is not upto them, it just led them there. :l

Ms Loala said...

It's still surprising that accidents are a main cause of death!
It's no good :\

Joud said...

n.: too deep :s

ms loala: it's no good but at least it's smthg we could control.. theoretically

eshda3wa said...

how does the three causes of death remind u to order from jonny rockets?

Joud said...

eshda3wa: the heart disease part .. unhealthy eating habits .. junk food .. burgers

wicked chain of thoughts

commenter said...

all three causes are caused by depression, depression makes you smoke, binge and drive fast or whatever, having said that, 3awafeee el johnny ;)

Joud said...

thanks commenter it was delicious as always :D