Monday, September 3, 2007

3 things

my 3 current food addictions:

turkish coffee


quasi daily

too bad none of them are considered healthy :/


Anonymous said...

but you look hot so need for the healthy stuff

N. said...

Rahash! And those plates.. I still remember em! Haven't had rahash in a while..

As long as you balance with fruit, veggies, and some meat.. you'll be OK.

Joud said...

n. then i'm screwed :/

i do ok with the meat though !

Anonymous said...

People i swear to god coffeee is HEALTHY.... bes drink it sensably akeed.

chikapappi said...

I am a coffee addict myself and if I can eat rahash, especially elly with chocolate- believe me, i'd do that every single day- all the time! :)

Joud said...

blue dress: my problem is that i tend to have an addictive personality

chikapappi: i've heard of the chocolate rahash and i will try to stay away from it because god help me if i like it