Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I received this forward earlier today, and I haven't stopped laughing since.


commenter said...

hell naww! Nasty! :P

Swair. said...


"Why's there dust on ur tummy?"

"Uhm... *silence*"

Jewaira said... our kind of weather

shoosha said...

hahahaha!!!! 3ajeeeb

MishMisha said...

looool omg that's..... hahahahahaha!!

N. said...

lol! I'm guessing thats a skirt. It wouldn't help if those were pants prints! :p

B's Sanctuary said...


What the hell .. LOOOOOOOOOL

Kinan said...



Volvo is taking the term "family car" to a whole new level :p

lmao - dude this is coooooooooooooool

*laughing his head off*

Zed said...

commenter: nasty how?? its just sex

swair: lol, slipped and fell

jewaira: but not possible, the guy would get raped on the spot

shoosha: wallah 3ajeeb

mishmisha: its been 24 hours and i'm still cracking up lol

n.: looks like a skirt from here, a very short one that is

B's Sanctuary: this pic takes me back to my wild days, when i used to actually do these things

kinan: loooolll volve family car looooll

KJ said...


*calls friend who set up this prank*

*calls girl to assure her she has not been identified*

Zed said...

kj: lol, you wish

Budha said...


moocherx said...

if that's a Kuwaiti car, just look for any woman in ER with third degree tit burns, in this heat.

Zed said...

budha: animals they are

moocherx: i really doubt its a kuwaiti car, and i really doubt they did it during the day.
if so, look for a guy with a bleeding asshole & a woman with 3rd degree tit burns lol

Nora-Cassandra said...

Funny in Kuwait maybe! But I see it as really nice work of art! I should get something like that done on my helmet or my future bike! :P

Zed said...

nora-cassandra: lol or on someone elses car