Thursday, August 9, 2007


eating disorders have been around forever, but the general attitude about them was that they were illnesses everyone should fight against. today i couldn't help but be surprised at the fact that there are pro annorexia and bulimia support groups all over the net (and on sites including facebook, myspace); these groups/forums not only advocate these eating disorders, but offer advice on how to master them in order to reach ridiculous weight targets of 30kg - 45kg. they look at food and nutrition with utmost contempt, and cheer each other on to sustain what they call a "glamorous lifestyle choice."

out of curiosity i checked out some of the facebook groups mentioned in the bbc article; i found quite disturbing visuals and words.

i guess it's one of the drawbacks of the unmitigated freedom of expression of the miracle called internet.


N. said...

Was it on this blog? There was an article somewhere about a pedophile pleading his case, and has some support group for his case. Sick world we live in. :p

Zed said...

yeah i read that somewhere, i don't remember were though....its a sad sad world we live in.

Joud said...

it was eshda3wa's blog