Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Top 10 Cities of the World with the Most Beautiful Women

A survey was taken around the world and the results were determined by:

1) Quality of women,
2) Amount of Women per men ratio
3) Ease of talking to women.

10. Amsterdam, Holland
09. Tel Aviv, Israel
08. Montreal, Canada
07. Caracas, Venezuela
06. Moscow , Russia
05. Los Angeles, California
04. Varna, Bulgaria
03. Buenos Aires, Argentina
02. Copenhagen, Denmark
01. Stockholm, Sweden

I agree with some, but still believe that Montreal should be #1 AND Brazil and Lebanon need to be somewhere on that list.


elijah said...

Define "quality of women" :P

Why isn't Jordan on that list? Especially in the ease of talking part looool

This Lady Says said...

Yeah, where is Brazil? And Lebanon is also a chat-friendly place.

I seriously have to ask, where do u think Kuwait is? LOOL..

chikapappi said...

I didn't like the list either..

Zed said...

elijah: "quality of women" is:
- good family
- well behaved
- classy
ya3ny sum3it il bint lol

the lays says: lol kuwait probably comes right before saudi arabia

chikapappi: i think i'm going to re do this list except with my taste

Anonymous said...

You missed kuwait.

Ms Loala said...

Quality of women ...! :\

phoenix said...

Sound like a good bunch of cities.. but a few were left out

Anonymous said...

wein lebnan...???

'GreY' said...

OMG ! India is not on the list ! why ? hairy women are not hot ? lol !

Zed said...

blue dress: hey missed kuwait, i left it our on purpose lol

ms loala: ya the quality, read my comment above this

phoenix: like what?

maze: the lebanese women were sleeping with the khaleejy men lol they weren't found to be on the survey lol

'grey': its not the hair thats a turn of its the indian lol

Nora Cassandra said...

I have to agree with number 1!!! I did ask many guys and the answer was the easiest and still nice looking girls are the Swedish!

The Criticizer said...

*expands his places-to-visit list* :P

Rasha said...

i agree on being Amsterdam number 1 ,, almost everybody is HIGH there so no doubt they are friendly and easy talking to :P ..

Zed said...

rasha: amsterdam is number 10 not 1

Anonymous said...

ugh, probably the high AIDS ratio keeps woman of Brazil out of the list; wow! Tel Aviv is Second!

Anonymous said...

I mean 9th(damn it!)