Thursday, October 4, 2007

TNG (7.5)

TNG (7) had some misunderstanding, most of the people thought they had the right answers, but didn't exactly have the correct description, except momo who precisely indicated the exact location of that 7th TNG.

Due to this elijah's comment (strike on TNG), i decided to be democratic and let the people vote it out, better yet, i'm going to let momo do the final decision:

momo, do you want to:

- consider everyone a winner for TNG (7) ?
- re do TNG (7) ?
- take the point and screw everyone ?

this is going to be fun to watch


momo said...

heyy, now thats the worst situation to be in !!
I like the last option .. no i'm j/k :P

just give everyone a point and move to the next TNG :D

chikapappi said...

Screw everyone & give me my point!

elijah said...

HURRAAAAAAAAYY Momo, you're gonna be a good employer, oh and u too zed, well a little bit at least :D

I got my salary back, one more point for me :)