Sunday, October 7, 2007

TNG (8)

Since everyone got a point for the 7th TNG (thanks to Momo), here is the updated list:

momo 7
chikapappi 6
elijah 5
hammoodee 4
dishevelled 3
kinano 4
blue dress 3
ms loala 3
touche 2
kj 2
sailor 2
And here is the next TNG, good luck


Kinano said...


elijah said...


You know I should just wait for momo to reply then i'll take her answer :D

chikapappi said...

Salwa... right before the round about - before the blue complex which is on the righ side

Anonymous said...


hammoodee said...

errhh,, Salwa!

momo said...

Salwa, between block 10 and 9 , the supermarket street !!

TOUCHE' said...

Definitely Salwa
The Co-op street (on the left hand side after the roundabout) just after Salwa bridge just after that nursery on the right hand side where the picture has been taken.

My 2 ¢:

Maybe if the comments on those quizzes are moderated and not displayed until the dead line. That might spice things up when all the guesses are hidden.

Ms Loala said...
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Ms Loala said...

How come momo knows all these places??

I'll go with momo's answer any way :P

momo said...

i agree with touche's idea :D

Joud said...

hehe u guys are all such moochers, freeloading off of momo !

chikapappi said...

Am not! who's the winner!

Zed said...

touche.. TOUCHE
i will post the new TNG sometime in the afternoon