Monday, November 5, 2007

Pimpin' it

After reading Marzouq's post on his latest upgrade to his sound system in his car, i decided its time to Pimp My Ride, and i don't mean sound system o bass, i mean the whole works, the paint job, detailing, skirts, hydraulics system, spinners...ok maybe not spinners but nice rims.

Where do i begin, does anyone know a place i can go to?

I want to start with the hydraulics, sound system, rims then the paint job.

Is there a place in Kuwait that would take care of my pimpin' needs? perhaps a Kuwaiti version of West Coast Customs


sunshine said...

u should also tint your windows, it could come in handy in certain situations

chikapappi said...

No one here would do what those boys do bel States o like what we see on TV.. enta sawwee el shegel (in your head) then take it to someone good..

Zed said...

sunshine: you have a point there

chika: the car in the pic is what i want to have as an end result, now i need a good place to take it to

need help and suggestions

hammoodee said...

hopefully u'll stay away from the FUG orange color

yo_ghurt said...

I heard that MTV has just launched their ME version in full. Apparently they will also be re-doing shows like for the region. Does anyone know which company they chose for the local version of Pimp My Ride?