Monday, December 3, 2007

Blogger = Spy

a couple of weeks ago, zed and i were chitchatting about iKuwait.

after trying to convince one another who we thought was the better blogger (after waldo of course), i was telling him how everything around me has become a potential post or material for iKuwait, and how i sometimes feel like a little spy going around with my camera phone, snapping away.

are bloggers becoming 2nd rate paparazzi? Do u guys feel like u’re constantly working your surroundings for blog material ?

to add a cherry to the cake, i'm not only a spy, but a hazard on the road, often trying to take photos and driving at the same time; and as u've recently might have seen, i'm not a slow driver :/


N. said...

Was that you sticking out the window car the other day!!! I'm kidding, didn't see anyone do that yet, but yeah, kel ma ashof a sign now on a bridge or something I remember your post about it, and It does become very distracting!

chikapappi said...

Well, I ain't no paparazzi bas I sure do stick my head out of the window for picturs ;)

Where's Waldo!

Joud said...

n.: hehe sowy about that

chika: most of your pictures are of food so that's not too threatening for road safety :P

as for waldo, i wish i knew !

N. said...

lol that's ok, I do laugh about it mostly. :P