Tuesday, December 4, 2007

ONE HO (Axis Review)

I will begin by saying it was a great show, all 4 comedians did a terrific job, i was literally LOL the entire time, and i am not easily impressed with cheap humor.

Ahmad Ahmad: who hosted the show, is a great comedian, and very good with improv, since he hosted the show, he was introducing the comedians so he had his skit slip into parts and he did it between the other comedians time slots.

He was sober, funny, fast, and i loved the cause that he kept mentioning during the show. (if we want to break fee from the stereotypes that we live, we gotta laugh about it)

Won Ho Chung: the new guy that they just recruited from Amman, Jordan, i honestly have nothing to say but WON HO STOLE THE SHOW. The Korean/Vietnamese rookie was the highlight of the show.

I have to agree with that one, he’s a tiny, spiky haired Korean guy who was the only one to perform in Arabic. Perfect, accent-free Jordanian Arabic – it was the strangest thing

Aaron Kader: this guy is without a doubt hilarious, but at a point i felt he overdid it with one skit, i think the whole crowd thought so too, but he still gets 2 thumbs up for being Palestinian/Mormon. Only a Palestinian man can do something this stupid like marry a Mormon woman, and we all know why he did that, US citizenship, lol

He was drunk out of his head, and it was extremely obvious, but he still managed to complete his part without puking all over the audience.

This guy did pretty damn good impressions of bush, dr phil, and the Australian crocodile guy. I really enjoyed his performance despite the fact that he did drag on one of the bits as zed says

Maz Jobrani: if you guys have seen anything for Maj, you would automatically give him much respect for his Iranian style bold humor, he is a genius at what he does.

He was probably on crack, cause even Robbin Williams can't keep up with this PERSIIAAAANNN

Many people say this guy was their favorite, and I can understand why. There’s something super funny about Persian accents, it makes everything sound funnier then it actually is

i can't say much about that show cause then i'll be ruining allot of the jokes, but there is one disappointing thing, for the people the have seen the Axis of Evil DVD, most of the skits have not changed, of course you will find major changes but the main theme that the jokes revolved around are basically the same, i'd go watch it again in a heart beat, and i support their cause till the end.

I had never seen them perform before – not live, not on dvd, and I realllllly enjoyed the show last night . I was laughing out loud consistently and so was the whole crowd ! I would totally go see them again, provided they come with some new material


MSB said...

i saw them in Dubai and loved the show.. Won Ho definitely stole the show and our jaws dropped like crazy when he first starting singing!


Anonymous said...

mmm I wish I could go to but didn't find the tickets...

Howahkan said...

They were HILARIOUS!! Im in pain from the excess of laughter..I couldn't stop laughing at Won-Ho! as well, Aaron's dabka act was funny

Can't wait till they come back again, I'm looking forward to their upcoming projects :)

Tooomz said...

I enjoyed the show as well :) Really hope they come back again!


fonzy said...

Ok i am jealous!!! i watched clips and couldnt stop laughing!

glad u enjoyed it and kept the tickets

hammoodee said...

live shows in Kuwait trying HARD

Zed said...

msb: they are going to make it big, i have an eye for these things

speedo: maybe for the next show, or buy the dvd

howahkan: THAT WAS YOU!! the annoying non stop laughing LOL

toomz: word on the street is they are coming back in 2 weeks

fonzy: i didnt keep the tickets, the ones i posted about were extra from my friend, when they come back, i'll hook you up with tickets, its not something you should've passed on

hammoodee: huh? i can never understand what you have to say LOL

fonzy said...

keep me in mind for next time then... i know i shudnt have passed on it but time wasnt on my side.

Kinano said...

This is one hell of a schizophrenic post! :P

Zed said...

fonzy: ya i know, next time i will have your tickets

kinan: what are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

I'm Peeersiaaan! Miaaooo!