Thursday, December 13, 2007

no more limp dick

- Men worldwide are taking penis pills and getting amazing results! Boost your relationships and stop being so shy.
- Women like big ones , Gain more length
- 67% of women said they were unhappy with their lover’s penis size
- Before him I was with a couple of larger men and I did find them more satisfying as I was able to orgasm with them
- Satisfy Any Woman , Want it longer
- Increased confidence when making love = better sex
- Gain more length , Rock her world
- no more limp dick, you'll be rock solid on virility pills
- never be nervous in bed again with a big strong dick
- With the help of our pills, you could become the man you have always wanted to be
- Grinning Ear to Ear , Ashamed of your size
- I gained 4 inches , Why settle for what you have .
- Make her grin , You Can Have A Big Dick
- Your love wand suddenly becomes longer and thicker and makes women tremble with passion
- You want yours bigger, all men do , As Seen on Television .
- I love him to death but our sex life sucked
- We are going to show you the ONLY way that will GUARANTEE you the extra inches

this is just a sample of the daily spam i get, and I HAVE HAD ENOUGH , NO I DON'T WANT A LARGER PENIS, I DO BELIEVE MY PENIS IS LARGE ENOUGH.

they say its not the size of the boat, its the motion in the ocean, how effective is his saying? ladies?


chikapappi said...

I Thought that was something you are writing! I get those spam too & it drives me crazy!

'Grey' said...

gain 4 inches ! for what ? to poke a cow ?

N. said...

I mostly get Cialis and Viagra spam! :/ I don't need more sex drive!

hammoodee said...

my fav is "Your love wand suddenly becomes longer and thicker and makes women tremble with passion...", actually I think some women like them small, Greek statue yes it's NOT the size, what's the use if it's big and curved?
anyway so much for the "TNG" days...

Anonymous said...

In my case size really matters, all my girl friends say the same. The only ones who say that size doesn't matter are those dating small pricks.
I'd say 15 to 17cm is the perfect size. When it's smaller, it's too small, when it's bigger it's painful! The shape is important too and the diameter but that's another story!

The Criticizer said...

What's the point in spamming about penis enlargers anyways? Maybe if they spam about boob jobs they'd get more attention.

chikapappi said...

BTW, I prefer it bigger! what to do with a tiny one?

fonzy said...


LOOOL Any volunteers yet?

Zed said...

chicka: spam sucks, even the meat

grey: you know that 4 inches isnt really big

n.: but have you ever tried either viagra or cialis, WHOA

hammoodee: how would you know????

blue ice envy: 15-17cm?? thats like 6inches, isnt that too small?
i've watched too much porn, you cant blame me for assuming

so the motion means nothing to you lol

the criticizer: cause i do believe that more men have problems with their dicks than women with their breasts

chika: how big is bigger???

fonzy: i never had any complaints about my size, its actually always the opposite, they all claim its perfect and always come back for more

any volunteers now??

N. said...

You've tried that stuff? No I haven't? I don't know what going to happen if I do, I'll probably start humping every circular object I see!

Anonymous said...

I'd say 16cm is the perfect size but I can't stop dating a guy cause he has a bit smaller or a bit bigger one! That depends on how it's used.
Hulk -one of my ex-boyfriends- had a 18cm long penis but since he loved watching porn he always thought that he had a small one!!! Until the day I measured it and told him that it's too big and he can't put the whole thing into me!
As for Drug Addict -a fuck buddy- he had a 20cm long penis, but it was never hard enough, probably because there wasn't enough blood flow! He was never able to make me come!

Oh and one last thing: without stimulating the clitoris, a woman can not come! So you can have the biggest dick ever, if you don't know how a woman's orgasm works you can keep your dick where it belongs :-P

Zed said...

n: i cant lie, yes i have tried that stuff just for trying it out, and WOOOOWWW, imagine minimum 6 hours rock hard, it was intense and she loved it

am i sounding like SPAM NOOOOOOOOOO

blue ice envy: i'm going home from work to measure it and let you know why i believe its large enough

i believe that eveything during sex affects it, the penis' size and width, the movement, the moistness of the woman, the chemistry between them, the sexuality, sensuality... almost everything

Anonymous said...

Not that I'm interested in knowing your penis size but I noticed that the more my boyfriend is turned on the bigger his dick! Oh and I don't think you have anything to prove here especially not to me!!!

Zed said...

its just my male egp acting up

Anonymous said...

I know!

Swair said...

LOL *no comment*

Anonymous said...

loooool...thats so funny....:)

Chirp said...

I read virtiliy - virginity LOOOL

There is this hilarious commercial in the states about the englargment pills. I forgot what it was, if i find it i'll post a link though.

KJ said...

If she's gagging does it mean it's big enough :P

Joud said...

kj that is gross

um-miT3ib said...

LOL ! this is hilarious

Ri said...

There's a very reasonable minimum size. 4.5 to 5 inches, I think.

After that, it's not the size that counts anymore. It's what you do with what you got.

hammoodee said...

i know coz I have female friends who really do the deed and talk about their idea of an ideal men. HAH!

Anonymous said...

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