Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Job Vacancy in Baabda /Lebanon

Job position: Lebanese President

Contract Duration: 6 years (extended if required)

Responsibilities: Ruling a small crazy country

Benefits: Whatever you can get

Age: 5 - 105 years

Please send 2 copies of your CV to: and Condy@Everywhere.usa

For non discrimination, we accept Ladies...Candidates will be contacted soon.

"Note: No Need to be Maronite, neither Lebanese"


لمياء الحالمة said...

I think you've forgot to mention sending extra copies of resume(s) to the following E-mails too:


Zed said...

hahahah i mean, who are you?
this is not my blog, whats a blog?

Amjad said...

LooooL! Good one!

Kiss Him He's French said...

Is it true that most of the applicants comprised Israelis, Palestinians and Syrians while the Saudis got to pick the tab on F & B served during the brain-storming interview sessions conducted by our Big Brother Americans?

lick him he's italian said...

If it's only a caretaker president you are hankering after for the Lebanon head to Dhaka. I hear the Bangladeshis make such good caretakers and shepherds. Running a country is in many ways doing a good job as a shepherd tending to your flock and making sure they are safe from the wolves in the darkness.
Alternatively, do the Lebanese welcome aliens from another planet to govern them?

educate him; he's american said...

Correction - what Lebanon needs most of all is a Gorkha shepherd who can tend to his class conscious flock and be able to tell a wolf in sheep's clothing on the side!