Sunday, January 13, 2008

new car

i have been suffering with my car for the past year, it's been giving me a hard time, i've been at the dealers over 7 times within the past 2 months, I'VE HAD ENOUGH so and last week i decided that its time to go for a new car, something more dynamic, sleek, yet manly and rough.

i have these three in mind, and i would love to get your opinions on what i should get.
(please take your time before rushing into an answer, i just hope you guys don't pick the ........ to be continued)

i also added a poll on the right, please vote, my future car depends on you


The Stallion said...

Do not take the H3! It's not manly at all!

I'd say go for the SRT8 Dodge Charger or the BMW!

I'd lean more to the SRT8 myself even though I am a BMW fanatic!

Joud said...

def the new bmw 3 series - i've seen it on the road and it's pretty nice

stay away from the hummer, u know what they say about men with hummers - they get the huge car to compaensate for their small.......

Bin3agul said...

id say go for mini cooper S

Zed said...

stallion: SRT8 is very worthy, i am a bmw fanatic aswell, but i hate the dealer in kuwait, na9abeeen

joud: well i wanted a big car for alot of reasons, thats why i added the hummer on that list, and if i wanted to compensate i'd go for the H2 not the H3 ;)

bin3agul: i'm a tall guy, and the mini reminds me of mr. bean, its just not going to happen

and bmw dealers too

hammoodee said...

dayum that's hard, the H3 is ugly, the charger is umm goood with the right color, so pick the BMW for sure, bs wikalat,ha ZIFT. take like an fj cruiser or land cruiser or lexus

The Stallion said...

Get the SRT8 cause that way you will be paying probably as much as you would to get the new 3series but you'd have an engine with 5 more horse power than the new M3!

I would consider an SRT8 if I didn't have my heart set on an RS4!

Amjad said...

It's too hard to prefer one car over the other from the three ones in your mind because they all fall under different categories...

it really depends on what type of car you want, why, what's your budget and these sort of things...

If you want a small sporty intelligent car which is also luxurious, then definitely the 3-series convertible. If you want a car which can basically take you EVERYWHERE, I'd suggest the Jeep Wrangler instead of the H3 actually...

Zed said...

hammoodee: you said it. wikalatha ZIFTTTTT

stallion: RS4, that would be abit over my budget, but well worth the money, what is it around 22 thou??

amjad: i would rather have a large car, i've had enough of 2 doors and saloons, thats why i had the hummer on the list, needed variety

what other jeeps do you recommend?

Zi-One said...

Dodge charger, hm el bmw 7elwa bs madri el charger a7la 3ala 9bay ;p

Anonymous said...

manly ? I'm not gonna say anything: P dodge charger and ur rite the bmw dealership in Kuwait suck big time .

Badrah said...

Not the H3 Please.
The 3-Series BMW Convertible is bdoon shak one of the best BMW models/series. Its considerably elegant and undoubtedly a great drive. It's drop top is also one of the best in the market.
Depends really which version you plan on buying if you go for the BMW ..
325 ? 330 ?
But yeah, I say go for it.
Im not a huge fan of BMW's but this car tipped the scale for me.

Vote for BMW 3 Series

Kinano said...

New BMW without a doubt.

H3 is for girlzzz

Charger's interior suck

Hasan.B said...

SRT8 jeep cherooke

Zed said...

zi-one: i like your taste, charger over the bmw

greyshorts: that one of the reasons i might not go for the beemer

badrah: you are leaning too much into the bmw, but i have my doubts cause they have a really crappy dealership, i have a bmw now

kinano: h3 is unisex, the bmw is extremely high maintenance, and the charger is a pure muscle car

hasan.b: now you got me thinking of other options

what else is there, 4 by 4's?

Ms Loala said...

Of all the cars in the list, i prefere the charger. I think it's more reliable, and it looks hot ;)

eshda3wa said...


bb q8 said...

You have 4 requirements... The Charger meets all of that!

Anonymous said...

i have the bmw 3 series, its beyond amazing.
ul b impressed!

This Lady said...

I don't recommend gas guzzling cars like Dodge and stuff like that.

I have a gas guzzling one, but I don't drive a lot so I dont damage the environment a lot ;)

I like Peugot and VW. They're good quality and nice and sleek.

Amjad said...

large car?.. hmmm... then why don't you consider the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (4-doors-one), it's a great deal I guess.. or even the JEEP commander.

momo said...

believe me the Grand Cherokee SRT8

-everyday use.
-A/C is great
-4 wheel Drive (not like the dodge-2 wheel)

momo said...

- Also 5 years warranty!

Zed said...

ms loala: ya its ia rough tough car, muscle machine

eshda3wa: i'm starting to re think my choine of the bmw, its amazing but i have a bmw now, i want to change car make

bb q8: what are these 4 requirements? i have no problems with the chargers, if the cops use it, its got to be good

anonymous: if this is your first bmw, wait till you have to take it to service, it wont be so amazing then lol

this lady: i dont really care for the environment, there for the gas guzzling isnt much of an issue for me, specially since gas is cheao in kuwait

peguet and VW, why dont you just dress me up in a skirt and call me suzy

amjad: i just checked out the 4 door wrangler, and i like it alot, how is the jeep dealership in kuwait, is it expensive, it looks great

Amjad said...

I'm not really sure about the dealership in Kuwait as I don't live in Kuwait.. but based on what I know from Mark's ( experience, their service is good and actually when I knew about the prices and compared them to our dealer in Oman they were waaay cheaper..

The Jeep Wrangler generally isn't really expensive, that's why I said it's a GREAT deal!

Zed said...

momo: thats for pointing out its manly lol, jeep grand cherokee, thats a tough decision, didnt they have defected engine a couple of years ago, for the ew models

i like the wrangler alot, does it have the same engine as the cherokee

amjad: i like it, i am going to check it out soon, check the interior and maybe take it for a test drive, this will be my first american car, i've only had german cars throughout my life

The Criticizer said...

BMW 3 seires, no doubt!

The Stallion said...

RS4 is about 25,000

I would rather get an FJ cruiser over a Wrangler!

Zed said...

the criticizer: bmw is already out, i'm not doing the same mistake again, i have to try something other than german, eventually

stallion: fj cruiser, looks good, but i hate the white tops, amjad suggested the wrangler limited 4 door, look cool

Badrah said...

Zed said : peguet and VW, why dont you just dress me up in a skirt and call me suzy <-- U had that covered when you chose an H3 as an option. H2's are hot and masculine. Alot are around though, so yeah.
Please dont buy a dodge :/
And I agree with the BMW dealership dilemma :/

Badrah said...

Hamooode said:take like an fj cruiser or land cruiser or lexus

NOT FJ please NO . Take the H3 bas not the FJ :I
Ugliest car that was EVER built !
Ay retro ay ba6eekh! just PLAIN ugly !!!
Typical crappy toyota too.
Engine isnt that special either. Grr.
Please we dont need more FJ's on the street.. its CRUEL to the eyes :/

Joud said...

badrah 7aram 3aletch, am not a suv person at all but the fj is so cool, has a lot of character

Zed said...

badrah: in that case i have to re evaluate my options, if the h3 is going out (and i only added it as an option cause i wanted a 4 wheel drive car in there) and the charger is out, and i dont want a bmw anymore. my options are back at zero lol

yeah i agree fj cruiser is a plain crappy toyota, no way to fj

joud: how can you like the fj cruiser, its a TOYOTA

where's waldo when i need him

Elijah said...

My opinion is not to listen to anyone but your gut feeling when it comes to cars. Everyone is suddenly a genius and they will find something wrong in any car u mention!
But listen to me and buy the BMW :D

Vixen said...

the convertible is hot... bas how many months will you be ablt to take the top down, 1 month? two? The dodge isnt nice tho :S

Zed said...

elijah: first i want to say, welcome back to he blogosphere, where have you been? hows jordan?

and you are right, i shouldnt listen to anyone, but opinions dont hurt, and no i wont get the bmw, not again in kuwait

vixen: so whats the deal? what do you suggest?

moocherx said...

BMW's are for people who think they've "made it", but sadly haven't.

Hummer's are for people who think they're pimps, and quite possibly are.

Go for the Dodge Charger.

But if I had a choice right now, I'd get the Subaru Impreza WRX STI.

footballers' boyfriends said...

Have you given the "Reva" or the "Nano" any thought ?
Maybe when you buy your next Jaguar, Tata motors might give you a Nano free.

The Stallion said...

You can get the white on white FJ! Another thing you could do is paint the top to match the bottom! BTW there is a rumor of a black cat model of the FJ which is all black and even comes with the TRD black wheels!

Zed said...

moocherx: i have a bmw and a honda, what does that means LOL

footballers' boyfriends: i don’t know what a REVA or a Nano is? and i hate jags
buy a car for a nano lol

the stallion: a black cat model of the FJ, now thats tempting to research, but is it available in kuwait, i must check out the dealership

Swair said...

Charger Charger Charger Charger!!!

BMW's wekala is Donkey Capital (and u know that donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes)..

The H3's NOT an option... My DAD thought that ME getting the H3 would be appropriate cos it suits women, that's saying something! so no no no..

3ash el Charger 3ash.. it's already sexy as hell..

Zed said...

swair: come to think about it, you might have a point about the h3, and i like the charger, now i'm going to post somethign about the colour, black red grey or blue LOL

um-miT3ib said...

im between the dodge and the bmw

Very.Q8ya said...


o tara I voted!

Poeme Al Muhairi said...

Zed, as proud owner of a Nano iPod, how can you afford not to drive around in a Nano ?
I also think the Nano will make for an excellent taxi car in Kuwait.
My weekend f**k buddy was this close to buying him and the missus a Jag when I convinced him they could have 40 Nanos instead, sitting in their driveway. And guess what, they went with quantity not quality.
People! they are all the same everywhere.


Zed said...

um-mit3ib: charger a7la, not bmw

very.q8ya: haha thanks for the vote, and im convinced not to get the h3, so its leaning towards the charger

Poeme Al Muhairi: whats this nano car i've been hearing about, i never heard of it? what make is it?

um-miT3ib said...

madre im in between;p

bmw go for he Ci 645 :P its sexy;p

Zed said...

um-miT3ib: i love that car, do you want to buy it for me cause its out of my budget

cars sale said...

How much does the Hummer burn again? I use to like it a lot whenever I would see it in movies or on the road, but, when I learned about its fuel efficiency, it wont take you that far. Buying a car is one thing, maintaining it on the daily basis is another.