Monday, January 14, 2008

Why can't i say no

colleague: joud, do u want to have saj for lunch ?

me: no thanks, i think i'll eat at home today

colleague: come on joud, what kind do u like ?

me: mmm let's see - falafel, spinach, halloum

colleague: cool . should i order ?

me: ok :/


Enigma said...

and u'll go home and eat at home.

::: ShoSho ::: said...

Oh I hate it when this happens.. I can't argue either.. No wonder I gain a few kilos every time I am in Kuwait lol!

Ri said...

What works for me?

I say I have a bad stomach and can't eat anything but (insert unheard-of name of soup here).

hammoodeee said...

i know! this sucks! u know what works: use a very obvious hard excuse like "i don't eat bread" then they will understand that you really DO NOT want to do what they ask

Lala* said...

I was YOU!

Couldn't for the life of me ever say No!

Until one day I had just ENOUGH..

Try it @ home.
Imagine certain situations and practise saying NO firmly.

It worked wonders for me ..


Zed said...

but sometimes no means YESSSS

Lala* said...

O b3dain ta3alay, ma tabeen SAJ, o ma3araftay tgooleen NO, enzain laish 6alabtay THREE sandwiches ?? Falafel, o spinach o halloum laish ?? ;-)

Shaklich meshtahya bs msta7ya :-)


Elijah said...

Can I have a saj sandwich. I love them!

Oh and always be ready with an excuse if you REALLY don't want to eat, like I just ate on the way to work, I had a big breakfast, I'm going out tonight for dinner and don't want to lose my appetite.... You're a smart girl come up with a smart lie :)

bored said...

looooooooool happens all the time ;p

Joud said...

enigma: u know it !

shosho: hehe.. so where do u live ?

ri: yes but u cant always have a bad stomach ! they order so often it's insane

hammoodee: and how would i explain my mornin bread and labneh snack :/

lala: seriously ? i have such a hard time saying no to food

zed: maybe, but that has nothing to do with saj ;)

lala: moo ma abee, bas i prefer to eat healthier at home; and they're not sandwiches, more like many little pieces... many little yummy pieces

elijah: excellent - i had a big breakfast . i will use that

bored: ALL the time !

Kinano said...

I am usually the "colleague".. We feed on preys such as yourself ;)

Joud said...

hehe damn u parasites

Shoush said...

I know how that feels. :P