Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Too much

top 10 things which are excessive in kuwait:

10. social rules / restrictions

9. ministries

8. sushi restos

7. burger joints

6. malls

5. cars

4. 9alonat (hair dressers)

3. starbucks

2. was6as

and the number 1 excessive thing in kuwait is.......

1. jawal taxis


pink said...

too much wanabe fashionistas..too much wanabe cool dudes

pink said...

too much gossip

hammoodee said...

too much blogs/bloggers, too much sex

Shoush said...

Too much i7jabat bo goo6i rob. They seem to increase everytime i come back.

And china too many nail bars? Shda3wa hal kithir.

NoNoWa said...

Too many bakalas!!

Too many over priced "private" health clinics popping up!

Too much FASHION!!!

Too many speed bumps!

I am sure I cud keep goin on but I will keep it short and sweet :)

joy said...

u got that right

cant add anymore

weeeen too much sex????

joy said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tooooooooo much heilagg!!!

Chirp said...

too many duwars (round abouts)

Enigma said...


the kite runner said...

too many Dubai lovers
too many Kuwait Airways bashers
too many unkempt men and uncouth women and children.

This Lady said...
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This Lady said...

ee wallah u said it, the stupid Jawwal taxis. Shda3wa all these taxis!

that man said...

too many yobs too many snobs and too many knobs - go figure!

N. said...

May i add one more to the list?

- People.

Joud said...

pink: how could i have missed the fashion victims; which are probably the ones who gossip anyway !

hammoodee: i thought of 'blogs' as well but thought it would be hypocritical since i'm a fairly new blogger myself :)

shoush: TOTALLY

nonowa: i love baqalas ! i agree about the unpainted speed bumps

joy: ee el hailaggg !!!

chirp: hehe why do u live in bayan ?

enigma: yes it could be a top 50, easily

kite runner: uncouth can also be applied to the men too

lady: tell me about it, i almost hit a taxi this morning

that man: u're just trying to make it rhyme !

n.: hehehe.... oh yeah

Mrm said...

fine list. salute.

moocherx said...

hair gel

Zed said...