Sunday, February 10, 2008

bad news

fonzy posted earlier today about phases, and i am having the worst time of my life, i had major 4 different incidents that happened to me recently and all 4 were hard on me, so i decided i am taking a break, no not from blogging, from everything else, but it will affect my posts since i wont be posting as often as i always do, and maybe some of you already noticed that i haven't been active on the blog that much, but i can assure you this phase will pass.

anyways, i'm leaving kuwait this weekend, and won't be back till beginning of march, so i hope you all have a wonderful liberation day long weekend.


chika said...

No one sez you gotta blog on a daily basis bas have fun while you're away


Ri said...

I'm glad you understand that this will pass. See you on the other side.


Cat said...

Take care

and will be waiting for you here :)

Shoush said...

I hope things get better for u real soon. As they say, if it doesn't kill u it only makes u stronger.

Good luck.

Lala* said...

It will all work out for the better, u just have to believe that:

تفاءلوا بالخير تجدوه

Best wishes***

N. said...

Best of luck to you, and have a safe journey. Tro7 o terja3 bel salama.