Tuesday, February 12, 2008


between renewing my club membership, car insurance, 1 meg q-net net internet subscription, my traffic fines, i'm in need of alternative ways to mooch make money

i wouldnt go as far as karyn bosnak who put up a website named savekaryn.com to raise money and cover her shopping credit card debt

so what's the best way to go about it ?

a) live without / with slow internet
b) try the stock market
c) find a sugar daddy

PS i checked savejoud.com and it's available


N. said...

The savejoud idea is better :p

Anonymous said...

Ok Ok ..

Lets put oue hand together and go out to find a sugar daddy that me and u can share his sugar together !

chika said...

ok! Find me a sugar daddy too! LOL.. same here girl

Fashionated said...

sugar daddy ;)

joy said...



watch mad money movie that willl give u an idea

Skinny Bumblebee said...

Hey dont depend on a man! tsk tsk tsk.

Be Creative.

Princess said...

get a sugar daddy sounds fun :p

December said...

sugar mommy/daddy/gran daddy who cares just as long as they give you moneeeeeeeeeeeeeey! ;)

Ri said...

d) A stock-trading, sugar daddy with a fast internet connection.

Problem solved :D

Enigma said...

shut up skinny b

i want a sugar daddy too!!

Joud said...

n.: will u be the 1st contributor ?

cat: what's mine is yours ;)

chika: uff and that's when all the sales are going on so u're practically forced to go shopping too !

fashionated: ka-ching !

joy: hehe C it is; hmm i checked mad money out on imdb, interesting plot..

skinny: got a better idea ?

princess: it does, and it seems to be the most popular solution

december: why is your name december ?

ri: u r a genius. standing ovation.

enigma: just stir clear of mine :P

Hamitaf La Bookay said...

Best thing to do is... *drum roll*... STRIPPING... makes a lot of money... ;)

Joud said...

hamitaf: i thought about it !

Anonymous said...

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