Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stay anonymous

Why it’s better to be an anonymous blogger:

- no post subject is off limits
- if u post at work your boss wont find out and think u’re a slacker

u don’t have to filter your words in fear of being judged
- u don’t have to worry about your mom finding out stuff about u
- u can tell stories about your friends without their permission
- it’s easier to share embarrassing stories
- u can vent about someone without having to worry about hurting their feelings

I’m sure there are more reasons, but these are enough for me to keep on being just Joud.


Grey said...

Same here ;)

لمياء الحالمة said...

I recall once my blog name was mentioned in an article in one of the newspapers along with other names, and I was terrified!

most of what i write is purely personal, no politics at all, nothing to be afraid of, but i was terrified, don't know why!

then some of my friends and family members started reading my blog, but this time i started feeling a little uncomfortable, don't know why, either!

I even think of closing my blog soon.

chika said...

ahhh... I've been through some worries because of some posts bas all in all, the blog is till me in many ways so that doesn't worry me :)

This Lady said...

yup yup. Basically, freedom of expression.

Shoush said...

I agree. Especially with the 7ishing ib ur friends without them knowing. :P

Ms. D said...

add te7el6em 3ala keef keefich to 7ash and impossible dreams.. and eee "open ashkara" crushes ;p

or simply any kharboo6a that popsto mind

Big Pearls said...

I wonder if I am as anonymous as I think!

when phil got brenda preggers said...

It's a mirage I keep telling myself when I feign anonymity on blogosphere. Technology has gotten too far ahead of itself in outing people.

um-miT3ib said...

alah.. i miss when i was 100% anonymous ;p

EXzombie said...

I would be an exception to what you said.. I'm not an "Anony", most of the people know my blog, seen my pics, met me in the meetings, and I still write the same crap I did back in the Anony stage, if not more extreme.......!!!

it depends on you.....!!!

Joud said...

grey: but u post about your wife anf baby all the time, someone must recognize u ;)

لمياء الحالمة: we all get worried when we feel any breach of privacy . but how did they know that this blog was yours and not some random lamia ?

chika: good for u, though i'm sure your anonymity compromised some of your freedom in writing, at least a little...

lady: exactly

shoush: yes ! 7ash feehom, plagiarizing their stories and forwards, the whole shabang

ms. d: aham shay el te7el6om ! and yes - boys boys boys

bog pearls: the worst is when u dont know ;)

phil: it depends how much specific personal info u post

um-mit3ib: how did u lose some of your anonimity, did u willingly tell people?

exzombie: it does depend on the person, where they're from, how private they are, etc...